***EVENT ALERT***We will be at the Sterling Society Mardi Gras Ball February 21st painting masks on guests. Please come by and join in the festivities!!! Event Details Click Here






***EVENT ALERT***We will be in the Mardi Gras Parade line up on February 15th tossing out some amazing beads. Please come out and enjoy the Fun!!! Event Details Click Here





***EVENT ALERT***I will be in Austin during Carnaval Feb 28th. I am booking appointments now. Please email me at for details or use our Contact us page for your convenience.








We offer Family Oriented Event Entertainment appropriate for ages 2 years old to adults of all ages.  Private or Public events.  We offer fun temporary body art services that are family oriented and popular including temporary airbrushed tattoos and glitter tattoos which are also waterproof and safe entertainment options for pool or lake parties in addition to the traditional face painting.  For small or large events for families or Corporations.

We also offer body art / body painting for adults like football tailgate parties, lake parties, or even private body painting sessions for individuals.

We paint pinup models for calendars or promotional models for conventions utilizing part costume and part body paint or all body paint.

We also create medium to large balloon décor that can be used in raffles as fun door prizes or for party  centerpieces.

Quotes for an event is based on: duration of event, location of event, supplies used and gas/tolls to get there and back.


How I build a quote for costume design and alterations: supplies, trips charges to pick up local supplies are carefully planned so I can go and get it all with minimal waste of gas and time, shipping costs if ordering parts and pieces online, time spent putting all together.

Halloween is far from our thoughts (updated Jan2015) but make a note in your calendar for early this September to get a jump on this years costume and email me. I have great ideas for customizing a costume so please feel free to send me an email inquiry about your costume needs. I sew and make alterations for any costume Halloween or otherwise.