Face Painting Artist in Dallas, TX


How do I book you for personal or family?

Once we figure out your entertainment package, location, number of guests, duration of event I can send you a quote. To actually book me I take half down non refundableretainer fee this holds your time and date in reserve and secures any supplies and staff I might need. The retainer fee is non refundable however it is transferable to another date should you need to cancel your event. If you change your mind you can use your retainer fee on another project and you have 3 months to reschedule with me after which if you do not reschedule your retainer fee is forfeit. If you have not submitted your retainer fee to me you are NOT booked. I cannot reserve time without a retainer fee.

How to Book for corporate events, schools, hospitals, large venue events my entire fee is paid in full via a check PRIOR to rendering services. We have a first come first serve policy and only hold dates in reserve for clients who send us their retainer fees. You can either pay in full or pay half retainer and the balance must be paid 10 banking business days prior to rendering services. Corporate checks must be cut and mailed and retainers secured before any dates are held in reserve. Please note this when you have to discuss with your board or other peers as I do not make exceptions. No funds cleared means no date is held in reserve and your event is not booked.

If we need to order supplies or custom stencils we need 5 weeks in advance to account for your funds clearing and orders processing and shipping times …. I cannot reiterate this sufficiently for companies that pay 30 days after the event is over please do not contact me at all unless your accounts payable will accomodate our company policies, I have staff I pay retainers fees to, I have supplies to order in and I will not be doing this out of my personal accounts. I will need retainer fees of a minimum of half down, possible more if the supplies are a significant amount. No exceptions.

How do I pay?

Payment: We take cash, credit/debit cards. We do not accept checks unless it is an approved corporate gig. We use Chase Merchant Services as our credit card processor.  Call me at 214-780-6120 to finalize booking and pay.
Non Refundable Retainer Fee: Retainer fees are non refundable however we do allow you time to reschedule your event PROVIDED you call us ahead of time. You are allowed 3 months to reschedule your event, if you do not reschedule at that time your retainer fee becomes forfeit. IF we purchase your supplies with your retainer fee and you change your mind to another design that requires different supplies then that is forfeit and you will need to pay for the new supplies.

Are my images photoshopped? Having been immersed in this industry I have been in discussions and seen and have been told by other professional artists that they do in fact photoshop or do color alterations and alterations to the images of their face and body art, the very images you are looking at to make a decision on whom to select for your face or body art needs. Now, there is a huge majority of artists who think this is perfectly acceptable. I am not one of those artists. I believe if I paint and photograph the paint but then edit the vibrancy of colors, edit out mistakes in brush strokes, edit out brush strokes entirely and I post that image to the public stating that I painted that, to me in my mind that is deceiving the consumer into thinking their painting will look like that when it will not.

I have gone round and round on this with other artists but I stand by my belief. My images (whether I photograph them or another artist photographs them) have minimal edits. I always request outside photographers to please keep edits to a minimum and do not alter the image so much that it no longer is a true representation of what I painted. So far the main exception to this is the calendar girl shoot, those images were sent to two different agencies and I had zero control over what was done to them but I did request minimal changes.

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are applied to the skin using a stencil as a guide and tape or a shield to block the overspray. These tattoos are also referred to as body art. The product used is alcohol based body paint which dries almost instantly and is smudge proof once dry. When it is dry it does not wash off with sweat or water. This makes it ideal for pool parties and lake parties and events where the model or person painted will be sweating profusely. It is designed specifically to be safe for use on skin.

Glitter Tattoos are applied to the skin using a stencil or freehand. A skin glue is used as the base, glitter is applied to this base and then the stencil or guide is removed. These are water proof and are great for pool parties, lake parties any time actually. These skin glues are safe for all skin types.

Do you have a photographer on site?

I no longer have an on site photo studio but I do still have many contacts for a professional photographer.

Can you paint a custom design on say my kids skateboard or helmet or dogs clothing or custom christmas ornaments, easter ornaments….

Yes I began doing custom orders last year and have had such a good response, I am in the process of setting up a shopping cart. Till that is up and running you may email me and we can sort out the details via email.

Are models naked?

At public events no, bottoms and nipple covers are used. On private commissioned pieces that is up to the model.

How much does it cost?
I have painted from $5.00 pieces up to $600.00. Body art can be expanded to include costume design/creations as well as Special FX prosthetics accounting for the more expensive pieces. Safest thing to do is to set your budget and we will create something fabulous within that budget.

Where do you paint people?
I primarily paint people on location which is why I moved my studio into my home I now have 4 areas of creation in my home studio for airbrushing, for sewing costumes, for painting with brush and sponge and for making prosthestics.

Are you available for events?
I am available for events large and small, public or private, both in state and out of state depending on the event and travel arrangements.

Why should I hire a professional when I can buy cheap face paints and do it myself or hire my neighbor who paints faces as a hobby?
Professionally trained brings peace of mind due to the amount of research, education, knowledge, experience that I bring to the table. A hobbyist may or may not put the time, money and effort into “knowing” what to use and why and what to “avoid” using and why.

I use only professional grade products not cheap face paints, not acrylic paint, which I see many hobbyists and unprofessional artists use and not house paint which I have seen at least one professional artist use recently and I had to reach out to this person to explain why:

cheaply made face paints and other paints like acrylic paint most commonly misused as face paints has toxic metals in it like lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium just to cover a few of the more well known toxic metals and these are highly damaging to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, reproductive system and once you expose your kids or others or yourself to these toxins they tend to build up in the body and are hard to eliminate from the body. In essence all the hobbyist face and body painters who refuse to purchase professional grade face and body paints and insist on using acrylic or other paint are willfully poisoning their client.

So that cheap price you can pay the hobbyist to face paint at your event, you never asked them what they use, you just trusted it is face painting no big deal … IF that painter used cheap face paints or acrylic craft paints you just poisoned all those kids at your event. My fees are higher due to the level of training, education, experience and dedication to my craft that I bring to you plus peace of mind.

Do you paint promo models?

Do you book kids parties?
I book kids parties on a regular basis. Boys tend to love the airbrushed fake tattoo options and face painting options, girls enjoy all three options face, glitter or fake tattoos. I also dress up as a Disney Princess for Princess Parties there is an extra fee, but kids love the entertainment factor.

Do you do parties for grown ups?
Adult painting parties are a blast… like mardi gras, halloween, football or any sports party, black light parties, you name it we can plan it …

Can you paint my dog for parades?
YES! Now I can safely paint your pet with vet approved fur paint that is non toxic if ingested through licking or chewing. It is a bit tricky so have lots of treats on hand. Limited colors are Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and another color that escapes me at the moment.

Do you TFP?
Yes, at this early stage I will with two stipulations: The Body Art is what I need added to my portfolio and the photographer is a professional. No point n shoot camaras or amateur photographers.

How long have you been painting?

2013 is in my 4th year as a body painter. Unlike many of my role models and body painting artists I absolutely idolize, I have not painted since I was a child nor did I attend art colleges. My learning curve has been extremely steep. However, I am doggedly determined to build my skill set to the the level of those I adore. So they can be proud of me and the time they spent encouraging, teaching and believing in me is worth it.

Do you carry insurance? Yes

Do you have a facebook page?
http://www.facebook.com/bodypaintmisbehavin.com please check out my page and click the like button if you like … Thank you ever so much!

Will you work my event for free because we are a charity? First I need to see your charity tax returns and your budgets for event services. Then we can discuss possibilities.

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