Day of The Dead

Dia de Los Muertos A.K.A. Day of the Dead is a 3 day festival (Oct 31, Nov 1 & 2 ) where flowers, nuts, gifts, are taken to graves which are cleaned of over growth and these objects and paper/real flowers are placed as gifts of rememberance on the grave. Families tell stories remembering their departed loved and / or dress in costume as a departed loved one or paint sugar skulls on their own faces, make sugar skulls out of candy, all meant for honoring and encouraging the departed souls to visit.  If you hire me to paint your sugar skull I will be very proud to paint you for this celebration. This design can be carried down the neck chest and incorporated around a costume or even full body it is entirely up to you.

Day of the Dead is a cultural holiday in Mexico, Brazil and Spain but it is also celebrated around the world in many cultures for a very long time.  Beginning October 31st, November 1st is for departed babies and children and is called Dia de Los Innocents (Day of the Innocents) or Dia de Los Angelitos (Day of the Angels). November 2nd is for departed adults and is called Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

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Please consider booking me 8 weeks in advance as this is an extremely high demand time frame due to the many different cultures celebrating this date for many reasons.