Halloween and Special FX

Please contact me as early as you like, but definitely in September if you want to book me for body painting for October.  Especially if we are doing a more in depth costume.

Request a Quote 

Little Miss Muppet was a past neighbor who called me up and said I know it is last minute but do you have any costumes left I might can wear to my party tonight.  I said sure swing by and I was able to hook her up with cute costume and face paint.

The feathered collar I am wearing in the black Vampire Noble costume is my own creation.  I made that myself from scratch and I did get some input from my friend The Dragon Lady you should check out her high quality costume jewelry oo la la.

The two sugar skulls are not painted by myself, not sure who painted those they showed up like and looked great.  Some of these folks however I did not do their costumes but we ended up in pictures together … we have fun.