Pregnant Belly Art

Top Question I get regarding painting a pregnancy bump is – is it safe?  I use professional grade modified stage and theater makeup more commonly called face paint or body paint.  It is not paint.  It is FDA compliant specialty theater and stage make up and it is safe for all ages.  I have only done a few of these over the years so I hope to add more.  

*I have seen artists and individuals use actual acryllic paint or house paint or any other kind of paint unknowingly thinking because a paint said non toxic that it is safe IT IS NOT SAFE, it is high risk to use as these paints often contain unsafe levels of heavy metals that can be absorbed in the body through the skin.  Anyone you are considering hiring can claim to be a professional artist but if they don’t use professional safe products that keep you safe and carry business insurance how well they draw doesn’t matter if they are slowly poisoning you or your child or your guests.   Hire us and have peace of mind. 

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