Airbrushed Tattoos

 I have a collection of 500+ stencil designs for glitter tattoos and 600+ stencil designs for temporary airbrushed tattoos to choose from:  animals, cartoons, movies, video games, hearts, princess, tribal, rock n roll, iconic, military, patriotic, Irish for St Patty Day, Holiday themes, Pokemon, Horoscopes, World View, arm bands, aquatic, sailor tats, steam punk, Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe,island themed and much more basically something age appropriate from 2 years old through adult.

If you have an upcoming event and you are a vendor at this event and you want to draw people to your tent or table or to do some product branding with two to three weeks advance notice I can custom make a tattoo stencil with your logo just for the occasion, and set up a small area within your tent at your event and airbrush your logo on folks … my past experience doing this for companies usually nets a long line of people waiting but not to fret airbrushing a small custom logo on an arm takes mere minutes.

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