Face Painting

We love face painting for kids parties or family friendly events all year long. Our face paints are professional grade FDA compliant modified stage and theater make up (not paint) and is safe for all ages.  We have been trained and are diligent in hygeine.  We use skin friendly cleansers in water tubs, alcohol drying station, and take brushes out of rotation at an event as needed.  In studio we use an extra step of an ultra violet sterilizer to help keep brushes and tools clean as possible.  We use disposables regularly.  Our pricing in part reflects the cost of supplies.  Quote form at bottom of page.

Note: The large group shot in the hotel room with two zombies and the Kiss character I only painted the two zombies in that picture the Kiss character painted himself and did a great job.

SAFETY INFO on Cheap Face Paints

Part time and hobbyist face painters often but not always have cheap rates and they may or may not know what is safe and what is not safe to use.  I use all professional cosmetic grade products that are FDA compliant.  Pro level products are expensive, another reason to be wary of cheap face painter fees is the cost of our professional grade supplies. If the hobbyist face painter is using unsafe cheap face paints or even craft paints it puts people at risk but can explain cheap fees.  Below is a list of cheap face paints with toxic heavy metals which are considered hobby grade, not professional grade, are very cheap to purchase and easily accessible to the general public at local stores.

Many times people think non toxic means it is safe.  In truth non toxic means if a kid eats some paint the kid won’t fall over dead. It does not mean if the kid paints his skin with acryllic paint or sharpee that it is safe.  Craft paints often contain heavy metals that are very toxic to our internal organs, nervous system and reproductive system.  Lead is only one of many toxic heavy metals that are present in craft paints or cheap face paints or markers.

Please be safe and please understand artists are not trying to “rip you off” with our rates (as one potential client declared on the phone to me, she said I ain’t paying that much when I can go to walmart and buy face paint I will just paint the kids faces myself) we are trying to recoup what it takes to bring you safe fun for your events.  Cheap in this case can easily wind up being dangerous.

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