Face Painting

We love face painting at kids parties or family friendly events all year long.  Big or Small events.  Public or Private. We can match a theme or paint as usual.  Our face paints are professional grade modified stage and theater make up (not paint) and is safe for all ages.  None of our face or body paint supplies can be purchased at local discount retail stores.  We have been trained and practice hygeine at all events whether public or private or in studio or even if just practicing.  I have cleansers, alcohol for drying, and an ultra violet sterilizer to help keep brushes and tools clean as possible.  We use a lot of disposables as well.  Our pricing in part reflects the cost of supplies.


The large group shot in the hotel room with two zombies and the Kiss character I only painted the two zombies in that picture the Kiss character painted himself and did a great job.

SAFETY INFO on Cheap Face Paints

How do I know this … Due diligence to me means that when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning 4:00a.m. 5/17/14 I was reading up on things art related to face painting and found this information noteworthy enough for me to get up, get my laptop out and sign on and draft this so I can post this to get the word out immediately.  Craft and hobbyist face painters may or may not know what is safe and what is not safe to use.  I use all professional grade products that are FDA compliant that the general public does not have access to at a local store… our products are expensive, another reason we charge what we charge is the cost of our professional grade supplies.  Below is a list of the most recent news on toxic face paints which are considered hobby grade, not professional grade, are very cheap to purchase and easily accessible to the general public at local stores.

Please be safe and please understand artists are not trying to “rip you off” with our rates (as one potential client declared on the phone to me) we are trying to recoup what it takes to bring you the safest bestest (play on words) fun for your events.  Cheap in this case can easily wind up being dangerous.