Face Painting

The large group shot in the hotel room with two zombies and the Kiss character I only painted the two zombies in that picture the Kiss character painted himself and did a great job.

Some face designs you see on a facepainters websites are showcase pieces and may have taken 45 minutes or more to paint. Other designs take 3 minutes to paint. It will vary from artist to artist somewhat. The more kids you have and the less time you have the less paint each kid will get that is just time constraints.

We respect time constraints and getting the job done in a timely fashion:  this is very important to us; we take pride in this. It is equally important to allow each child the scarce few minutes they have in the chair to enjoy themselves and be the center of attention for just a few scarce minutes. I have an increasing rate of requests to facepaint 30 kids in an hour. It is not possible for one artist to paint 30 kids in one hour. 3 to 7 minutes in a chair is commonplace and sometimes more for more elaborate designs 10 – 15 minutes but that is more the exception than the rule to have 10 minutes a face. Just please consider what you are trying to achieve ultimately is a party for the kids to relax, play and make special memories.

We respect the fact that everyone lives within this or that budget, I know I do.  That being said in this industry you get what you pay for…our prices are high in part because we train not only on skills but on material safety data sheets, at least I know several of us who do and occasionally have artists calling me asking my advise on this or that product… I tell them to always refer to the material safety data sheet or call the manufacturer.   I have people tell me they think face painters charge too much and that you have a lady at your church, or your neighbors teen age daughter, or your friend who is artistic (just thinking of all the examples I have heard on the phone with real potential clients) that will face paint your kids using a facepaint kit from a local store for 1/3 or 1/4 of what you would pay a professional to do it and guess what you saved money but you may have unknowingly exposed your kids to lead and mercury plus other toxic metals with levels that are not acceptable.

How do I know this … Due diligence to me means that when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning 4:00a.m. 5/17/14 I was reading up on things art related to face painting and found this information noteworthy enough for me to get up, get my laptop out and sign on and draft this so I can post this to get the word out immediately.  Craft and hobbyist face painters may or may not know what is safe and what is not safe to use.  I use all professional grade products that are FDA compliant that the general public does not have access to at a local store… our products are expensive, another reason we charge what we charge is the cost of our professional grade supplies.  Below is a list of the most recent news on toxic face paints which are considered hobby grade, not professional grade, are very cheap to purchase and easily accessible to the general public at local stores.

Please be safe and please understand artists are not trying to “rip you off” with our rates (as one potential client declared on the phone to me) we are trying to recoup what it takes to bring you the safest bestest (play on words) fun for your events.  Cheap in this case can easily wind up being dangerous.