Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos are temporary and waterproof which make them great for hot summer days and pool or lake parties. These are great for ages 2 years old to adults of all ages. These are extremely popular at some surprising venues if you think outside the box. We know that kids love these and are great for parties right? Sure we do did you know these can be incorporated into your party theme with pre-planning as well.

Adults love glitter tattoos too. These are primarily done with stencils and can last several days or can be removed with rubbing alcohol at any time. These stencils can be made into custom logos for festivals and fairs where you are a vendor. It is a great way to draw people to your tent and while pens and other swag are fun this glitter body art in your cool logo will be worn with pride and photographed and shared with friends. The entertainment factor is appreciated by your guests a great deal more as it is more cool than a free pen. We would need up to 3 weeks to plan this and coordinate having an artist apply these live at your event.

Revisiting the think outside the box… a major fundraising group hired me to make a custom stencil for their formal fundraising ball. I had a steady line of ladies getting the stencil applied to their shoulders, decolletage I had a blast matching glitter colors to gown colors and the only other stations at the ball that were busier than me was the bartenders. So you will be surprised how effective these can be if you think its not just for kids. These are great for ages 2 years old all the way up to adults of all ages.