Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Airbrushed Tattoos are waterproof and are fabulous for ages 2 years old to adults for any occasion:

concerts, safety fairs, summer festivals it will not sweat off, for adults lake parties or swimming pool parties, for kids pool parties especially older kids too its a great change from face painting or to sample having a tattoo in that spot before getting a permanent one.

If you have a product you are vending at a large event we can create a custom stencil with your logo and airbrush it on live at the event. This is entertaining and draws more people over to your tent like giving away swag except this swag will be worn with pride and photographed and shared with friends and remembered a lot more fondly than a pen, lines will form to get a free temporary airbrushed tattoo of your custom logo… pre-planning takes about 3 weeks and I can give you a quote for the custom stencil and having an artist at your tent applying the stencil to your guests.

Most pictured here are done with stencils which insure speed and crisp designs. Some of these are hand done at lake parties and some of the sports ones and a few others are hand painted and considered body art pieces rather than temporary tattoos the difference being temporary tattoos are airbrushed and water proof the body art pieces are in these cases hand painted in either alcohol based or water based body paints.